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Luis Amado

​I’m Luis Mendes Amado, the founder and developer behind the Cool Time App. Over the past few months, I’ve dedicated myself to a daily routine, rising at 5:00 AM, driven by a singular mission: crafting a new online platform that facilitates meaningful connections between people, effortlessly and securely. This isn’t just another dating app; it’s a social platform designed for everyone.

Perhaps you’re intrigued to learn more about the person behind the scenes. After coding tirelessly until 5:00 PM, I transition into a continuous learning mode, eagerly seeking new knowledge. Engaging in enlightening conversations spanning a wide array of topics fuels my curiosity and energy.

If you’re interested in getting to know me better, please visit my LinkedIn profile. Don’t hesitate to connect and drop me a message if you believe you can contribute to advancing this project in any way. Let’s make meaningful connections together.

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